Judith Sherven, PhD (66) and Jim Sniechowski, PhD (68) are a husband and wife psychology team with five relationship books under their belt. In little more than three years, they have expanded their relationship expertise to sales and marketing. With no background in either, they’ve created an expansive online career and become the leading voice for the Soft Sell approach to marketing and sales. They are best known for producing the only Internet marketing conference for the Soft Sell Community which they call “Bridging Heart and Marketing.”

At this time of financial upheaval, our global as well as personal challenge is to find the method to insure profit while also assuring greater benefit for everyone involved. That’s why Judith & Jim emphasize “Selling As Spiritual Service” and promote the development of business as a means to expand not just financially and creatively – but also spiritually.




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Judith & Jim are experts in the following areas:

*The Soft Sell Evolution in Commerce

*Hard Sell vs Soft Sell

*Selling As Spiritual Service

*Why Most People Hate to Sell

*Internet Marketing for Beginners

*Why Most Marketing Gurus Can’t Teach

*How Business is a Form of Spiritual Therapy

*Learning Internet Marketing in Our Sixties