By Anna D. Banks, GCDG

Retirement is a subject that you cannot afford to postpone for long. It is an issue that needs to be dealt with sooner, rather than left for later. Pre-retirement planning on-line seminars can prove to be beneficial to not only those who are nearing the age of retirement, but also in the case of those who would like to start early preparations in order to secure their future.

These seminars provide all the useful information on how to create a financially stable plan that can be executed in order to yield a sustained retirement income. These cater to every individual phase of a career, irrespective of whether you are just in the initial stages or at the peak of it. In these seminars, you get an opportunity to avail of some sound advice from some of the well known professionals from different walks of life. In short, on-line pre-retirement planning seminars are a feasible solution to help you to financially secure your life after retirement.

Besides providing all the essential data on how to go about planning for your retirement and preparing you emotionally so that you can make a comfortable switch over, they also focus on the retirement process by teaching you the basics. They address when to retire and various other post-retirement considerations that you need to take into account, before you finally decide to retire. On-line pre-retirement seminars are also an ideal source of information on numerous other topics like the 401(k) plan, the social security benefits, and other emotional and financial issues associated with retirement. These on-line seminars also discuss and teach you how to calculate your retirement income after you have considered a broad range of factors influencing it. These include the ever rising rate of inflation, diversification of your financial resources in different options, investing in insurance policies and retirement programs.

Undoubtedly retirement can be an exciting period in a baby boomer’s life, but at the same time it can also prove to be very challenging transition. An on-line pre-retirement planning seminar deals with topics like the eligibility requirements for various payment options that one can avail of after retirement, ways to accumulate your retirement income, making emotional adjustments after retirement, pension plans, learning to maintain legal transparency, planning for health care facilities, tax deferred annuity accounts and assistance with financial planning. These seminars are perfect for baby boomers and employees from all age groups since, they not only address the needs and requirements of employees above 50, but also those under the age of 50. They offer counseling services and are very often provided by the companies that the employees are working for.

In addition to the on-line seminars, many companies also make an effort to provide their employees with regular pre-retirement sessions that give their personnel a chance to interact and clarify any doubts that they may have regarding retirement. Most of these are free of charge and are offered to all the eligible employees of the company. The term ‘eligible’ here implies to all the active and regular employees. Very often, the working spouses of the eligible employees can also avail of these offers.

What are some of the on-line pre-retirement planning programs that you have explored? I’d love to hear from you.

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