A Majority of adults use “Back to School Time”

As an opportunity to re-direct their own Life!

Life not going as planned?

Whether it’s a love life problem, challenges with finances, or a career that just isn’t panning out, Sandi Athey can help you, our listeners get back on track. She’ll help you discover your own inner voice, while at the same time helping you cut through life’s noise to hear you own intuition. She’ll share with you, our listeners how to uncover the blocks that are stopping you from creating the life you desire.

With over 20 years of experience as a professional intuitive, Sandi knows how to use the power of her insight to gain better understanding of the motivations that drive human behavior. She’ll share knowledge gained over many years of instruction from traditional Native American teachers and leaders of diverse religious organizations. Her fun, easy-going nature will make her someone you don’t want to miss.

For more about Sandi, go to www.SandiAthey.com

Sandi Athey has 15 years experience as medical intuitive, healer and animal communicator in a wide variety of formats including in person, radio, television, and lectures. She was a radio talk show host for seven years.