Kimberly Johnson, President of Network PLUS, has been so many things throughout her life… finished college after becoming a single parent… then completed two additional courses of education.. and finally started a business of her own right before her 40th birthday… Never dreaming she would become an entrepreneur … the task was one that was both daunting and rewarding… and ultimately lead her to the place she is now… President of Network PLUS… Mom… Wife and Student of life.. Kimberly always knew that life is about surprises… and making the most of every moment… and each day she has the opportunity to live this!

The vision of Network PLUS is to not only bring people together in a global community…but to educate and inspire. The philosophy is one based on a strong foundation…integrity, cooperation and empathy… things that keep a relationship strong…business, personal and family. Taking the vision….community…. and coupling it with the philosophy… we will not only propel business into the next level…but it will permeate into all other relationships. Network PLUS is here to help each person grow not only professionally, but spiritually and emotionally as well.

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