Top Psychologist Shares How To Get Through To Teenagers

As a parenting columnist for over ten years and editor of a popular parenting site for eight, Dr. Roger McIntire has heard it all from parents wanting answers to their toughest parenting questions. One theme in particular has come up over and over again—parents worried that about getting through to their teenagers, and afraid that they’d turn to alcohol, drugs and sex while navigating the difficult teen years.

Luckily, Dr. McIntire knows how to get through to teens—and he’ll tell our Living Fully After 40 Radio how to do the same! He’ll share some of his best advice for parents to help their teenagers get through school, social situations and family issues that will improve the overall family environment and strengthen family ties.

He’ll share with us:

• Common problems teens face, and why they may be reluctant to talk about them

• How to keep kids away from the “sad” habits of sex, alcohol and drugs

• The best ways to communicate with teenagers

Dr. Roger McIntire received his M.A., followed by his Ph.D., in Experimental Psychology from Louisiana State University. He worked in the Psychology department at the University of Maryland for 32 years, serving first as a Professor, and then as Associate Dean. He led courses on a variety of topics, including behavioral modification, psychotherapy, and family and couples counseling, and received the Excellence in Teaching Award. In 2001, he was presented the Award for Effective Presentation of Behavior Analysis in the Mass Media by the Association for Behavior Analysis. He was also honored as a National Institutes of Health Research Fellow and in a National Science Foundation Faculty Fellowship on Societal Problems. Dr. McIntire and his wife raised four children and now have two grandchildren.

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