By Joyce Lee

Lets talk about potential and contrast

Think of a baby at the moment of birth. This child is a gift from the universe. Kissed with perfection and blessed with gifts that only she/he can share. She has full access and 100% potentiality to the wonders of life…

What could she be, do, or have if encouraged and nurtured to reach her full potential? How far could she go? What could she give to the world? Just imagine the possibilities. Wonderful isn’t it?


Think of most adults… how many do you know that are even close to living a life of 100% full potentiality?

There is a buzz word/phrase about living life “on purpose”. This is a powerful concept and one that we all need to pay attention to.

Mediocrity and indifference

I wish I could sprinkle fairy dust and help people wake up and get on with living their lives in alignment with their very own potential and life purpose.

I love it when people do wake up, and decide that they are going to get in touch with their life purpose, passions and commit to living life in alignment with those.

A “So, What About You?” quiz

How much of your potential are you currently realizing? Take this little quiz and find out.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (one being indifferent and 10 being passionate) rate how satisfied you are about these ten areas of your life.

1. Spiritual life

2. Emotional Health

3. Physical Health

4. Body Image

5. Intimate Relationships

6. Mental Fitness (reading, learning)

7. Social Life

8. Career/job

9. Creative Expression

10. Authentic Self Expression

Do the math

Take a look at the numbers. Turn them into percentages. For example, if you gave yourself a 5 on your Spiritual Life satisfaction, translate that to 50%. A 6 would translate to 60%, etc.

Is that enough for you? Are your percentages what you want to take with you when you leave here?

You can also add up all the numbers and that will give you an overall idea of how much of your potential you are realizing. Again, is it enough? Really?

A common outcome to this activity is that there will be some high satisfaction areas and some low ones. This is an opportunity to keep doing what you are doing on the areas you are satisfied with and incorporate strengthening activities on the areas you are less than satisfied with.

Let’s go back to the baby

When do we tell her to only expect 50%, 60%, 75% of her potentiality? When do we tell her to settle for mediocrity? Breaks your heart doesn’t it?

Here’s the thing…

Any unused portion of your potential is a waste. No one benefits. You can’t give what you don’t have.

This work really does belong to you. No one can do this for you. It is completely up to you how much you get out of this one and only life you have.

Get to living your life on purpose! Each and every day, do something to reach towards your rich and abundant life. You deserve to have it all!


Wishing you Peace & Abundance…

Joyce Lee

“Your Life Empowerment Coach”

© 2008

Joyce Lee is an experienced and certified Life Empowerment Coach, Woman’s Wellness Guide and Law of Attraction Practitioner, specializing in supporting women seeking a deeper, richer life experience through their personal development program.

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