It’s never too late to bloom!
* Have you put your dreams, visions and goals on hold?
* Do you long for more meaning and purpose in your life, but you don’t know where to start?
* Do you wonder when – if ever – you will fulfill your true potential?
* Do you wonder what your true potential might be – or if it’s even too late?

Join Host Anna Banks and her guest Tomar Levine, on Living Fully After 40 Radio Show, as they explore “The Joy of Late Blooming”. Listen as Tomar and Anna discuss what is late blooming. The pain associated with feeling stuck—and the joy of stepping free into a bigger, more creative life – at midlife!. Anna and Tomar would love to help you do that.

Tomar Levine is a Life Purpose, Career, and Creativity Coach, a published author, artist, and speaker. An exhibiting artist in New York City for over twenty years, Tomar lectured in museums and galleries to hundreds of people. She holds two masters degrees – in fine art and art therapy. She left the art world to follow her passion for spiritual and personal growth, becoming a holistic healer and psychotherapist, and finally a certified coach.

As a midlife renewal and empowerment expert, Tomar helps people in the second half of life find their purpose, reclaim their dreams, and fulfill their creative potential, now. As a late bloomer herself, she is living proof that it’s never too late to bloom!

Tomar Levine
Midlife Renewal and Empowerment Expert