We all know how difficult it is to get the men in our lives (including ourselves!) to go to the doctor. But the longer they put it off, the more they put themselves at risk for tons of serious diseases—including prostate cancer.

More men get diagnosed with prostate cancer per year than women do with breast cancer, and yet men still tend to keep the topic under wraps. Well, no more, says Norris Beren! A top CEO and cancer survivor, Norris will educate, enlighten and inspire Living Fully After 40 Radio listeners who may be battling with the disease (or know someone who is). With more cases being diagnosed every day, it’s time to get this topic out in the open where it belongs—and Norris is here to do just that!

His strategies for coping with disease and taking charge of your own health don’t just apply to cancer patients, either—he’ll give your listeners sound, concrete strategies for making sure they’re receiving the best health care possible, no matter what their condition!

Norris will tell Living Fully After 40 Radio listeners:

· 3 ways to find out if their doctor is giving them the best advice for treatment

· Whether there are treatment alternatives to surgery

· When life will get back to normal after cancer

Norris Beren, a seasoned interviewee on emergency preparedness for families and business, is a contributor for ABC, NBC, CBS and the cable news channels. Author of When Disaster Strikes Home! 101+ Ways to Protect Your Family from Unthinkable Emergencies, he has more than 35 years experience as a business owner, speaker, trainer and risk manager. His new book Prostate Cancer: Hope is Not a Strategy – Tips from a Survivor tells the story of his ordeal. While not a medical doctor, his commitment now is to spreading awareness about prostate cancer and encouraging men and the women in their lives to become prepared should they have a health crisis.

For more information on Norris Beren visit www.choicesforprostatecancer.com