Dr.Veronica Glass

For the past decade, Dr. Veronica Glass has devoted her expertise to sharing advice and knowledge as a motivational speaker, life coach, an Executive Director for 5Linx telecommunications as an independent marketing representative and now as an author with her first motivational book, Use Your Buckets: Twelve Life Lessons For Success. Dr. Glass is our guest for the April 28, 2011 episode of Living Fully After 40 Radio, at 6 PM (EST). Listen to the discussion or join the conversation by visiting


Dr. Glass is one of today’s most highly sought after speakers. A compassionate motivational speaker, she lends advice on how to live a life filled with success. Corporate and community audiences are captivated by Dr. Glass’s unique approach to human potentials, which highlights timeless lessons and endless wisdom from her book Use Your Buckets: Twelve Live Lessons For Success.

Her book is a reference to the essential use of “buckets” during her childhood responsibilities, from storing food to hauling undesirable matter. Embracing the roles of each bucket, Dr. Glass uses this analogy to provide readers with a guide to effectively manage life’s encounters.

A leading edge thinker, Dr. Glass wrote the book for anyone with several demanding life situations, this easy read serves as encouragement for self-empowerment. The book has been very well received and can be used as a guide for overcoming stress, and a tool for group sessions.

Dr. Veronica J. Glass is available for appearances worldwide and Use Your Buckets: Twelve Life Lessons For Success is available for reviews.


Dr. Glass’s book can be found on her:

website http://www.drveronicaglass.com.

Read her new blog post at http://www.DrVeronicaGlass.Blogspot.com