Is Your Home Really Safe?

How What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You (And Your Family!)

Many people set their burglar alarms at night and slip quietly off to sleep, thinking their home and family are protected. To burglars and other dangerous criminals, who constantly devise new ways to defeat security systems and devices, your home remains as accessible as it would be if you left the front door open.

What’s worse, the manufacturers of alarms and other security products know that criminals have the knowledge to overcome their devices, but they sell them to you anyway. The buyer must beware, and in this case, what you don’t know could kill you.

That’s where residential security expert Alan Young comes in. He’ll give your listeners the tools they need to make their homes really secure. Armed with these tips from Alan, your listeners will be armed with the critical information they need to ensure their safety everywhere from home to dorm to a hotel room.

Alan will provide you with crucial information you won’t find anywhere else, including:

  • How most thieves can be in and out of your home in five minutes?
  • How long it really takes for police departments to respond to a home alarm.
  • The right way to secure doors and windows.
  • How to keep from getting bamboozled when buying a home alarm system.

Alan Young is CEO of Armor Concepts, LLC a company that develops, manufactures and distributes security and repair products. His home security products have been featured on the Discovery Channel show It Takes a Thief, HGTV, and FOX News. Alan has given numerous talks to police forces, police academies and homeowners associations on ways to improve the physical security of their homes. Armor Concepts’ products are sold nationally through Lowe’s, Grainger, Wilmar and numerous local hardware stores and locksmiths. For more information on Alan Young, visit