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By Anna D. Banks, GCDF

The Hidden job market includes all those jobs that aren’t publicly advertised. There are many brilliant career opportunities that come under this hidden job market category. However, today, along with most of the conventionally advertised jobs in the market that are moving onto online advertising, even the hidden job market has begun to go online. However, a major portion still remains hidden.

Why Tap into the Hidden Job Market?

• If you happen to be looking for a vacancy in an emerging industry or technology where the objectives and requirements are still to be clearly defined, perhaps the hidden job market is the best place for you to tap into in order to get that position that stands up to your qualifications. In this way, if you also have an exceptional set skills, which don’t really fit in with any of the common, traditional types of jobs, then you will have the opportunity to get that position that matches with your skills and qualifications by tapping into the hidden job market.

• If you are searching for an opening or a position where there are only a handful of openings, or an overabundance of qualified as well as overqualified candidates, then it is wise to refer to the hidden job market where there are fewer candidates and more job openings. This would include senior executives and managers as well as other technical and professional fields that have limited openings.

Effective Hidden Job Market Strategies

If you happen to be an outgoing person and are fine with mingling with people, then networking is the right way to go. Networking and targeted networking are two excellent methods to help tap into the hidden job market. Apart from traditional job-searching strategies and online hunts, quantitative marketing is another good way to tap into this hidden market.

• Traditional Networking – This strategy would involve creating a list of all your professional and personal contacts. You inform all of these people that you are looking out for a job and you would like their help in pointing you in the right direction, or if they know of others who could help you. Typically, you can start by sending them e-mail or a letter and explaining your situation. Then, you can follow-up meeting or a personal call. Networking can be the most effective strategy if you already have cultivated a whole network of career-related contacts. If you happen to be a member of a professional organization that concerns your field, then this is the best place to start off with networking. If you aren’t a member, then now is the best time to become a member. Always be tactful while networking and don’t expect help instantly. Another good way to network is to go online.

• Targeted Networking – Another hidden job market strategy is targeted networking, which helps replace or enhance the outdated Informational Interviewing or Referral Interviewing strategies. It is a straightforward strategy that helps contact major decision makers in targeted organizations and industries. Yes, it is quite difficult, but it is possible. The purpose behind this form of networking is to contact certain companies of interest and the major decision makers in the desired department. The aim is to represent a candidate for any impending openings, current openings, or to get a referral to other decision makers within the company or at other organizations.

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