film clapper variationBroadcast media such as the radio, TV and internet don’t usually strike service professionals, consultants, coaches and speakers as an important tool.  If you belong to that category, you have been missing on a multi-channel tool that can gain you market exposure among your ideal client and customers of all ages.  Besides, to those watching and/or listening to your interview, your presence in an interview will make people wonder about you and start searching for the company or brand you represent. Therefore, you’ll experience a growth in traffic the minute your interview airs.

These aside, being interviewed on broadcast media has the power to provide you with five more benefits. So, read on to discover what those are.

#1) Increasing Brand Awareness

The more you are featured on broadcast media, the more you can expect people to recognize you, your brand and the products that you are selling. Also, even if people may not be aware of your brand yet, they will know that you appeared on some show or podcast, which gives you a chance to talk to them and explain what your business is all about.

#2) Adding to Your Contacts

Broadcast media, regardless of how low scale, will help you in grabbing the attention of thousands of people. The moment you appear on TV, feature on a podcast or speak through a microphone, you will start to get calls, emails and texts from people who want to connect with you. Even if these connections are mostly incidental and of low-level, you might get the opportunity to connect with potential clients along the way.  

#3) Grabbing the Media’s Attention

You must admit that there is just something about being showcased on live television, radio or newspaper that tends to attract other (or the same) media outlets. Other producers and media outlets that will reach out for you will want to do similar or follow-up stories on your previous interview. However, keep in mind that other members of the media won’t necessarily reach you as quickly as you hope because it will take a considerable amount of time after your initial interview.

#4) Building Credibility

Your clients, colleagues, employees, and even your family and friends trust and respect the mainstream media. This is why, if these people see you or hear you through it, they realize that you are a credible individual. Therefore, whatever you recommend later will be taken under consideration or bought instantly.

#5) Influencing Your Clients

One of the biggest benefits of mainstream media is that it gives you instant access to a variety of individuals. For instance, if you are giving an interview on the internet and thousands of people are listening to you or watching, you can expect to influence at least a hundred viewers. This is true especially with television interviews as people can relate to you on a personal level after they have seen your face or experienced your personality. Besides, as a business woman, you already know that face to face interactions (even through a webcam or screen) definitely improve your approach.

However, in order to get all of these advantages, your product or service needs to be excellent. You yourself should also be approachable and friendly so that the media can contact you and shine a positive light on your offerings and brand. So, expect to do a lot of work to get interviewed on broadcast media and even more afterwards if you want to remain in the limelight.

 © 2013 Anna D. Banks

Anna D. Banks, MAS, the “Local Celebrity Maker”, is a trainer, coach, consultant and professional speaker.  She works as marketing, publicity & personal branding strategist to small businesses, consultants, coaches, and speakers.  If you want a powerful no cost way to create and promote your unique personal or business brand, then get Anna’s free report Top 10 Tips to Get Your Business Talked about on the Radio for Low or NO Cost.”   To receive your report and a free subscription to Local Celebrity Marketing News, visit today!