vintage fountain penBlogging is a platform for personal expression. However, even though blogs stared out as online diaries, journals or logs, they have evolved into a lot more over the years. Today, blogs aren’t only used by individuals to talk about their daily activities and things of interest; they are used to market business’ services and products.

Now as a business woman, you must understand that blogging is one online marketing channel which you shouldn’t ignore. This is so because there are so many benefits of blogging that you don’t yet know of. So, to help you realize what you’ve been missing out by not blogging, here are three of the reasons why you should have your blog up and running already.

Benefit # 1: Blogging Helps You in Building a Community

The blog that you keep helps you in showing your expertise in your industry. This is a factor that is highly appreciated by your potential customers, who may decide to follow you and tell others about you. As a  result, you can use your blog to build an interactive community.

Also, the blogging platform is ideal for those who want to write about their point of view rather than following what others are saying. However, keep in mind that your blog will only be appreciated if you have something new, unique and different to say. If you write on the same topics as everyone else, your blog won’t be considered that interesting and your traffic will head elsewhere,

Benefit #2: Blogging Helps You Attract Clients

One the biggest and most important benefit of having a business blog is that it is the perfect way for you to attract new potential clients. However, remember that for your blog to be noticed by clients and customers, it has to have the ‘oomph’ factor that many others lack. The best way to attract your clients would be to blog regularly about the topics that really interest you and get you into the mood of thinking and writing.

Keep in mind that your blog is designed to attract readers one by one, so you need to make sure that its content is worthy enough of sharing to their friends via other social media. By securing at least one reader, you can have them work on indirectly advertising your products and services to their 100+ followers, contacts or friends.

Benefit #3: Blogging Helps You in Communicating with Clients

In addition to helping you promote your products and services, blogging can allow you to connect with your existing as well as your potential clients. After all, your blog is a social media platform; therefore just as you will be spreading your thoughts out in the virtual world, expect everyone else to do the same. You can communicate with your clientele through comments or by following their blogs and commenting on them. This shows how much you care, which is what every customer expects from their products or service provider.

If you haven’t started blogging yet, start educating yourself on using this tool so that your blogs can attract readers and convert them into customers.

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