Journalist taking notesGetting quoted by the media is without a doubt one of the key factors for your business. However, getting the media’s attention to get them to quote you is not an easy task at all. Besides, quotable statements are hard to create, especially when you are creatively lazy. However, if you’re dedicated to this purpose, getting quoted by the media will be a piece of cake.  

To help you get quoted, here are four tips you should follow.

Tip 1: Identify and Target Reporters

No matter how large or good your business, you won’t be able to build a relationship with every reporter or journalist in the country; this is why you need to start small. The first step to select journalists for getting quoted is to read a couple of magazines and journals and determine what your clients and customers are reading. Then, call up a few journalists that cover your field and try to get these from a number of different publications. Once you have decided on the journalists who will carry your message, it’s time for you to read their work and follow them religiously.

Tip 2: Build Relationships  

One of the biggest benefits of the online world and social media is that you can easily connect, communicate and build a relationship with virtually anyone. So, the best way to get through to a journalist or reporter is by re-tweeting their posts on Twitter or following them on Facebook. Bear in mind that this particular phase needs to be handled very carefully because if you try too hard, the journalists may think that you’re either too desperate or too cold. You can also visit their blog; show your interest by sharing their blogs and commenting on them in a positive manner.

Tip 3: Meet Them

Even though the web is a great way to initiate a conversation and start building a relationship, the charm and effectiveness of meeting in person is a lot better when you want to strengthen the connection that you already have. The journalists that you are approaching will want to know if you are reliable, trustworthy and an overall good person. So, you need to interact with them in person to show them that you are just that.  

It will be easy for you to meet these journalists at different events such as trade shows, industry events and conferences. Once you approach them, remember to introduce yourself properly and talk about your business and the services you provide. However, be careful not to brag about yourself otherwise the journalist may be turned off by your attitude.

Tip 4: Continue Following the Journalists

Once you have met them and had a good talk, it’s time for you to thank them and continue following them in the online world. Start commenting, tweeting and sharing once again as this will show the journalist that you really are interested in getting quoted by the media.

Finally, when you get hold of some interesting and relevant news or event, email the reporter and explain your thoughts on the situation and do it in a concise manner. The best method to attract the journalist’s attention would be to write the news in bullet points so that they can go through them without difficulty.

Follow these tips and you will surely be able to take advantage of what the media has to offer.


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