pen and organizerArticle marketing is one of the top methods to get your promotional messages across, but writing columns is more effective since it introduces you, the representative of a brand, to a wide range of individuals. If you haven’t been able to discover the benefits of column writing yet, read on the following lines to be inspired to have and write your own column.

#1) Writing Columns Shows off Your Expertise

Someone who writes a column on a regular basis is considered to be an expert. Therefore, once you have written a variety of columns, you may be asked to write a book. You can even collect the columns you wrote over the years and base a book on their content.

#2) You Will Gain More Media Exposure

As you continue writing your columns, people will start noticing and be interested in what you have to say on a particular subject. You may also get the chance to get the column syndicated at a later point. However, it is crucial to remember that the media exposure that you are hoping for won’t arrive until the particular subject you have written on has caught the attention of the general public.

#3) You Will Get the Opportunity to Participate in More Speaking Engagements

Often, when talk shows and other similar groups are focusing on a specific topic, they will call on people who are experts in their fields. This is where you come in. All around the world, there are television and radio producers that are looking for people who actually know what they are talking about. Moreover, you may even be called by journalists who are looking for expert opinions and quotes. All in all, it can safely be said that the more exposure you get from writing the column, the bigger your chance of speaking publicly and the more your business will grow.

#4) More Customers Will Be Attracted to Your Offerings

As a business woman, your end goal shouldn’t be just to get exposure, but to increase the number of your customers as well. The good news is that the newspaper or e-column you write will help you in doing just that. The few hours that you spend in writing these columns will help you in receiving a free advertising space which will help you reach out to hundreds and thousands of potential customers.

#5) You Will Have an Auxiliary Income

Though you may be making a lot of money with your primary business, writing a column will help you make some extra money on the side. Even if your column job doesn’t pay, it will still help you in making money because it will increase the brand name you’re marketing, which is turn will get you more customers.

Even if your communication and writing skills are a little rusty, you can get the help of a professional copywriter or ghostwriter and start you own column to gain the exposure you deserve. So, start brainstorming right away or hire a writer to reap the benefits mentioned.


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