stay connected to your customers“Direct-Contact and Follow-Up”

Earning money as well as taking care of a home and family is hard work. Due to constant pressures of job security many married and working women have started to earn extra income by starting their own business on the side. This brings us to the topic at hand; once women have determined their forte, how do they bring in the business?

Marketing strategies have evolved greatly in the past decade. Nowadays, whether you are running a multi-national or starting off a home based business, you need to learn how to analyze the business landscape around you, defining your position in the market, developing a competitive edge and knowing when to take advantages. Different marketing strategies will have different outcomes which may vary in nature of the impact they create. This article, however, is going to focus on one such marketing strategy and that is, “Direct contact and follow-up.”

The Idea of the Follow-Up Call:

If you have got the idea of using a follow-up call, you are already on the money.
If the purpose of the mail out is to spark some interest then presumably you are saying something in it to excite you customers. In that sense, your follow up phone call should be something along the lines of ‘What do you think about the product? If they are not interested at the time, that’s okay, just put them on the call later list or on the list for another product that you think they might be interested in.
To those who seem interested, roll into a sales pitch.

Follow-up Strategy:

When you call people you could ask them for permission to send them emails on free reports. Remember to always include an op-out on all the emails that you send. To encourage more conversions, you can use a “special offer” or “Free trail” to your customers.

Never Trust Response Rates:

So if you call someone and ask them ‘did you receive the letter we sent?’ the ‘Yes’ – ‘No’ or ‘Maybe’ responses are usually the same whether you actually sent the group the mail or not.

The Power of Testimonials:

Don’t forget to use the power of testimonials and case studies for the marketing pieces you create. Using testimonials are a great way of making your customers comfortable with the product or service you are providing.

Visitors by Geography:

Try relating traffic on your website to the phone call as people visit the site after the call. This will allow you to tweak your content and determine the pattern of online traffic that runs through your website.

Make Yourself Memorable:

If you can, follow up with an offer letter in the mail, or better still, send an offer with a landing page on your website. You can also make good use of a second sheet included in the letter containing a press release or specifics about the offer.

Keep the Ball Rolling:

No matter what marketing strategy you choose, it is important to be consistent and keep the ball rolling. Those that say no to you the first time will eventually come around as you start feeding them with customer feedback from those that are already using your services. Sometimes people just need some time until they are totally convinced about what they should do.


Hopefully this information will come in handy to all those women solopreneurs out there who are looking for a way to connect with their customers.

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