LCM - publicityThe best way of getting your business the publicity it deserves, is by making others write about you and your business. This article is about how you can attract people, and make them want to write about you.

Write a Killer Press Release:

If you want to get noticed online (that is!) you are going to need one heck of a press release. To draft out the perfect press release which will make an editor stand up and take notice about you, you will need to include information about your work, achievements and opinions about your market niche.

Find an Editor:

Not that you’ve got the press release ready, it’s time to find an editor that will actually be interested. It is important that you find someone that reflects your style and tone. To find out more about the editor, you can get cues by skipping to the editor’s letter on what subjects they are interested in or will be of interest in the future.

Once you think you have found someone who would be interested in your work, send your press release to them. Keep in mind that the press release should also contain valuable insights on your work, opinions and your achievements over the years. If you are new to business, be honest and never make anything up.

Hire a Freelancer:

The good news is there are always freelance bloggers who will be interested in writing about you. All you need to do is find someone who has a history of covering topics about your market niche.

Let People Know how Interesting You Really are:

The following are just some of the ways you can get people interested enough to want to write about you.


There’s nothing like demonstrating your expertise in your market niche to get people’s eyeballs rolling.  Making your expertise known will increase the chances of editors wanting to know more about you. It will also make you the most eligible candidate if they need to get information on the latest happenings in your market niche.

Recognize your Target Audience:

This is a ‘no brainer’, but being true to your market niche is going to be important, no matter which way you look at it. Publishing articles which demonstrates your expertise in solving people’s problems will definitely help you get noticed. Recognizing your capabilities and the services you can provide is going to be important if you are looking to make new customers or get people interested in what you do.

Social Proof:

Nothing builds credibility like other people praising you online. It also acts as a powerful tool to get editors interested in your business and your views on your target market.

 Be Linkable:

Ever wondered why you seem to gravitate towards some blogs or websites; the reason is, you find what  those blogs or websites have to say interesting and that’s what makes you come back for more, week after week. When you write blogs or articles that connects to other people on a personal level it will pay back two-fold. Adding links to those blogs of yours will also allow people to get in contact with you to hear your story first-hand. The bottom line is, be interesting, be unique and relevant in your market niche.

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