Social Media GraphicDirect Contact and Follow-Up: How to Do More with Less!

It is without a doubt that women are determined, dedicated and passionate entrepreneurs. That being said, starting up a small business on the side while still being in a nine to five job can be demanding. So, how does one juggle a full-time job, a family and start-up a business they are most passionate about. The answer is a simple one: you improvise!

Social Media: The Path to Marketing Success

The internet is a boon to women entrepreneurs. Since all the big fish in the pond are using social media to promote and expand their businesses, it’s only natural for women entrepreneurs to use it as an intelligent business strategy also. Sales and discounts are good for business. Post them on your Facebook page,  give updates to your target audience via Twitter and leverage the power of social media.

Blog to Build Your Business:

You probably know this one if you’ve been in a solopreneur for more than a year. Even though you may not know what to blog about initially, and that is the case most of the time. Blogging is considered one of those marketing strategies that are necessary if you want to be heard and known of in different circles. To write an effective blog post, you can write about anything that you have expertise in that relates to your current business endeavor. Writing effective blogs produces action that turns people on. Using internet tools like Google analytics, for instance, can allow a person can keep track on who views their website, which will in turn give them valuable consumer insight. 

You can also invite others to share their views by writing guest blogs on your blog or posting a comment about a blog you have written. Writing blogs is a great way of getting your message across as well as getting to know what different people think of you and your business niche.

But, More Importantly…

  • Listen:

The best thing about using social media is that it gives you a voice. Now that you’ve got everyone talking, listen to what they have to say about you, your brand and the competition. Thanks to social media, studying your market has never been easier.

  • Value:

Find out what can you contribute to your market that people will find useful and interesting. Being active in social media means posting and sharing great content. If your content is engaging, you will be able to spark great conversations with your online community.

  • Measure, Lather, Rinse and Repeat:

Identify your KPIs and measure them constantly, to check if your strategy works for you. The internet is full of free analytics tools that are available for your use. If you can afford it, invest in paid tools to get richer data. Based on these metrics, you can tweak your strategy if necessary. This process can be periodically repeated to improve your results.


Maintaining a private venture is nothing short of a hero’s journey. The only way to be successful and have staying-power in your market niche is to build a strong foundation by having an effective marketing strategy. At the end of the day, it is important not to get too caught up in day-to-day activities and take out time for those who are important in your life and keep you grounded, because being yourself is the only way of building meaningful and lasting relationships with your clients.

Effective communication and engagement will cultivate your relationship with your clients to the point where they will automatically start to care about you, and once that happens, they will be ready and willing to hear whatever you have to say.

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