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Many small to mid-sized businesses look to build relationships with other websites in their market niche. The reason they do that is because it obviously allows their business to get more exposure by reaching a wider audience than they ever could by using just their own website.

Concerns on  incoming links:

But some people still seem to be on the fence on the subject of providing back-links to other people’s website, and rightly so. For example, one could harm their online credibility by  incoming links to a website with a shady character. It could also damage their search engine rankings and cost them their page rank. Creating too many exit portals can also cause their own users to simply drop off their websites by exploring other options.

For many however, these concerns are nothing more than an unfounded reason for alienating their own website, which ultimately will cause them to lose valuable traffic and customers. That being said, it doesn’t mean you should just add an inbound link to any website.  Being aware of the business and credibility of the website you are about to paste an incoming links of will be crucial to one’s own business.

Create Useful and Interesting Content:

So how do you get other websites, who don’t really know about you, to link back to your website? Even with certain negativities like that Twilight fan or the malware installer and quite possibly one of the 404s. Using raw links is always a good idea to at least start off with. If you provide  incoming links of websites which provide great advice that are connected in some way to your market niche, and allows them to get a smattering amount of traffic, that particular website might just check you out on SEOmoz, and might add an  incoming links of your website. But it all boils down to one thing, you can only expect to be considered if the content of your website is equally, if not more useful than the website who you want to get an  incoming links from; in that case, many websites will be happy to paste in a link that leads to your webpage.

Build Authority:

Two decades ago, while the internet was still in its infancy, it would make more sense to use direct mailing and word-of-mouth as a means to market your product. However, today, having an online presence that is stable enough to market your products or services is what’s needed to succeed in your business. Here are a few tips to make your business more noticeable on the web.

Write Guest Blogs on Notable Blogs: 

Using guest blogs is a great way for business owners to market their product and get their message across to a larger audience. Many of the well-known, high-traffic blogs allow you to post content on their site, with a link that points to your website. Getting your content on one of these blogs will not only get you the needed exposure to other businesses in your market niche, but could also lead others who are interested in your content to add an embedded link which leads to your website. Being successful in high traffic blogs will mean that you will need to publish content which adds valuable value their website as well.

Use the Power of Social Media:

If you want to funnel online traffic towards your website or want that blog of yours to go viral, try writing something worthy of other people’s praise, and then bookmark it on social marketing sites. This will allow others who like the content, to link back to you on social media.

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