By Anna D. Banks, GCDF

In the coming years, baby boomers will be retiring in large numbers. While for many it will be a time for celebration, for others it could be a source of dread and anxiety. For singles, retirement entails losing the daily social stimulation and interaction at work. However, there are many ways singles can enjoy life after retirement. The best way is to refocus by doing something that you enjoy, which will keep you alert and active, while also perhaps bringing in some additional income.

If you are single and a retired baby boomer, here are a few tips for enjoying life after retirement:

Take Up Activities: You could take up activities that are new to you and have never tried before, or those that you have always enjoyed but never had the time for. For example, you could join painting classes or creative writing classes, if you have a creative bent of mind. Or, pursue some sporting activities like golf or tennis. Or why not pick up stimulating games like bridge or bingo? Most retirement communities have facilities where the members can pursue the sports or games of their choice. Many of them even conduct tournaments, which is a good way of keeping the spirit of competition alive.

Start Dating Again: One of the best ways to stay optimistic in life is to make new friends or even develop a new love life. While it can be fairly intimidating for many people to get back into the dating game at this stage of their lives, however, the companionship and fun are worth making that daunting leap. With the advent of online dating services, many older singles are finding it more comfortable than ever to start dating again. Most older singles find the idea of meeting prospective dating partners through the Internet easier because they can do it in a relaxed, non-threatening manner from their own homes. There are many websites that are meant especially for seniors where dating classifieds can be placed, either for free or by paying a nominal fee.

Take Up Charity Work: Look for the kind of charity work that you find suitable through charitable organizations. You could help out older people with their household chores, or deliver meals or books to them, or perhaps read to them a few times in a week. This will not only mean your getting out from the confines of your home, but also will make you feel useful and good about being of help to a needy person. Keep in mind, some day you too could need somebody’s help.

Research On Some Topic: You could take up a topic that you are interested in, research on it, put it all down in writing and create an e-book which you can sell online. Gaining knowledge keeps you mentally stimulated. The Internet is a great source of all kinds of information on practically endless topics. So, you can do it in the comfort of your home. Or, if you prefer, got to your local library and do your research from there.

Working From Home: There is really no dearth of jobs that you can do from home. You can earn money online by being an affiliate, Ebay seller, or a drop-shipper. You could take care of the homes of people away on holidays. Walking somebody’s dog, feeding other people’s pets, watering somebody’s garden, or even setting up your own library (if you have lots of books) at home are some other ways to keep yourself busy and earn some money.

The key to enjoying life as a single after retirement is to stay engaged in various activities. Studies have shown that retired singles who volunteered and worked, while also pursued other interests in life felt the most satisfied at this stage of their lives.

© 2008 Anna D. Banks, GCDF

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