By Anna D. Banks, GCDF

A new “Plus 50 Initiative” has been announced by the American Association of Community Colleges. Ten community colleges will launch novel demonstration programs for students over the age of 50, with the help of seed grants from AACC and The Atlantic Philanthropies.

From the Press Release:

Organizers say the project is designed to help with one of the largest generational shifts affecting our nation, as baby boomers approach retirement and consider how to keep their lives active, healthy and engaged in careers and projects that matter to them.

“The baby boomer generation wants to stay active in retirement and holds a wealth of knowledge and experience that society cannot afford to see leave the talent pool,” said George R. Boggs, AACC President and CEO. “By retooling educational programs and adjusting for the needs of plus 50 students, community colleges can empower baby boomers to continue give back by leading the vibrant and fulfilling lives they desire.”

The official announcement, including more details, is available here.