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By Anna D. Banks, GCDF

Retirement is entirely a different and new chapter of life; some accept it with a smile where as some handle it with lot of stress. A well-planned retirement could get back your smile, and also enable you to enjoy all that which you missed while slogging for your family. Retirement planning can be sometimes quite complicated and one should be very careful and patient while planning for it. Even if your retirement plans are clear set with all your visions and goals in place, it is your financial requirement that will determine the success of the plan. A large percentage of Americans recognize the retirement systems and its undergoing changes but they are not planning well enough to retire comfortably.

• A Retirement Confidence Survey finds that the government regularly changes pension plans and the workers have been experiencing a severe decline in the retirement benefits, but they are not working towards it constructively. Nearly 2 in every 5 workers have not done anything to tackle this issue.

• Some workers depend on the employer provided retirement benefits and they expect that their spouse will receive income from such retirement plans.

• Half of the workers save for retirement, excluding the value of the primary residence. Majority of workers put aside some money for retirement.

• Health care for future retirees will be a huge burden especially with post-retirement financial problems. Workers should understand the use of Medicare and accumulate enough money to even cover the insurance and health costs they would likely face after retirement.

Americans are confident about the way they would spend their post retirement years. A few simple and easy planning strategies could bring order in Uncle Sam’s post retirement years. So get started with some regular saving plan. Developing a savings plan is not very difficult.

Simple strategies can put Uncle Sam on a comfortable and financially secured track.

Goals- Start saving for either your children’s education, a comfortable retirement life or for financial emergencies. Figure out what life would be after 10, 20 or 30 years and then think of the costs and the number of years needed to save enough for it.

Investing- Figure out the right time to start investing and please don’t get distracted. The best way would be to put aside some amount on monthly saving basis, save right from reducing your monthly expense bill to your telephone bill. If you can then invest to reach your goals. Don’t ever abandon your pre-retirement planning.

Savings to match goals– This would depend on your needs and how much time you have to reach your goals, your ability to tolerate risk etc. Start by learning the key characteristics of each goal and then narrow your selection to savings as well as investment products. Selecting the right product can help you accomplish your goal.

However, if you decide what you want in life and how you wish to achieve it, it will sort out half your problem. This will help you in your planning and in choosing products to aid you.

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