Author and Coach Nancy Seagal will join Living Fully After 40 Radio host Anna D Banks, Monday evening, April 12, 2010 at 6:00 pm (EDT) for an on-air discussion on “How To Overcome Adversity – No Matter What The Odds!

We all face adversity in our lives, and Nancy Seagal is no exception. After endless childhood traumas (both emotional and physical) as well as fourteen years of struggling to survive mercury poisoning, it would have been easy for her to give up. But Nancy didn’t. When doctors told her that she had fibromyalgia and it was “all in her head,” she persevered to get well against all odds. And now Nancy’s extraordinary story of determination and the power of thought, delivers an undeniable message of awareness, empowerment, and the unlimited human potential held within us all.

Nancy is committed to being the catalyst for others to let go of their past that stifles them, take hold of their present circumstances and achieve their greatest potential. Nancy’s unique ability to use the power of determination and transformational thought processes is why her message is changing lives around the world. She can help your listeners overcome their doubts and blocks holding them back in order to achieve their best life ever!

This is a live show!  Call 347-633-9594, to ask Nancy Seagal , your questions about “How To Overcome Adversity – No Matter What The Odds”. You can also listen to the show live, through the Internet, by visiting

Nancy Seagal is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Hypno-Coach, Certified Training and Speaker and co-author of the bestselling book The Queens’ Legacy. She has also produced the Rising Above It CD collection and will soon release Rising Above It! 25 Solid Strategies To Prosper In Adversity, as well as Rising Above Mercury-One Woman’s Resilient Journey of Conquering an Unexplained Medical Condition. For more information on Nancy Seagal please visit