Meryl Runion

Forget What You Think You Know About Good Communication!

Bestselling author Meryl Runion knows that many of us face situations in our lives where it has seemed easier to stay quiet than to speak up. Maybe it’s when a boss or coworker is on the wrong path, or when our neighbor goes off on another of their political tirades. Perhaps it’s when we get “volunteered” to host yet another family get-together, or to take on a project that we know will be a disaster. Well, NO MORE!  Meryl is here to show you how speaking up will get you more of what you want, when you want it. She will tell our listeners exactly what it means to “Speak Strong!” and how it can impact every aspect of their lives, from personal relationships to business settings—and how to never get stuck in situations they don’t want to EVER again!

As a highly sought-after speaker, Meryl has taught everyone from housewives to FBI agents how to use good communication to get what they want. And she does it in such a way that anyone, even the most timid of us, can feel confident in their ability to “Speak Strong.” Her philosophy is simple: Say what you mean. Mean what you say. Don’t be mean when you say it. It’s a leadership skill, a success strategy and a moral imperative.  It’s a call to action and an invitation to remake yourself, your life and career on a higher level.

Don’t miss the chance to listen this friendly, engaging guest who will keep our “Living Fully After 40” phone lines ringing and have your you hooked!

You can hear discussion about:

  • The high price of silence – how to know when it’s time to speak up
  • Why every relationship needs a job description – boundaries and how to set them
  • We don’t do that on my planet – the importance of setting communication standards
  • Speak Strong, Smart and Sweet – the three sources of communcation power
  • How to say it with sizzle and pizzazz

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Meryl Runion‘s six books have sold over 300,000 copies for a reason. Her speaking clients include IBM (who finds her systematic), the IRS (who loves her most in April), and the FBI (who considers her a person of great interest). She teaches her 10,000 weekly newsletter readers how to have the conversations they’ve been avoiding and get what they want. She will teach your listeners how to Speak Strong, Smart and Sweet.