Actress Corinne Chateau knew that if she was going to have a baby, she had better hurry up—but something kept stopping her. Was it the fear of giving up a life of theatre and artistic freedom? Or was it something even deeper, something she didn’t know was there? This is the story of one woman’s journey as she confronts the scars of her childhood to open her life to a new member of her family and become a mother herself.

In the far-away Republic of Georgia, Corinne and her husband discovered a tiny infant boy, abandoned at birth, who stole their hearts and changed their lives forever. But when the country’s president declared a sudden moratorium on foreign adoptions, Corinne’s dream was almost shattered. Now, she’ll share with your listeners the thrilling story of the battle to bring baby Cali home, a story that’s both inspirational and emotional. Whether or not your listeners are parents, they will be engrossed by Corinne’s tale of determination and, ultimately, triumph.

Corinne Chateau was born in New York City and attended Barnard College. A longtime member of the famed Actors Studio, Corinne has appeared on Broadway, off-Broadway, in television and in films. She attended NYU Graduate Film School and is a fellow of the American Film Institute. She also has been a teacher of acting in the graduate departments of NYU and the New School. Corinne, her husband Brian, and son Cali divide their time between New York City and Garrison, New York. The Road to Cali is her first book.

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