Carol Fulwiler Jones, MA, psychotherapist and teacher, wrote Hopeful Heart, Peaceful Mind:Managing Infertility (Fraser Davis Press 2009), to fill the void in the current literature for infertility patients. Although medical books on infertility abound, few authors address the emotional and spiritual needs of these individuals. The material in the book is grounded on Carol’s own experience with infertility and on her many years of counseling individuals and couples struggling with infertility issues.

Patients often feel isolated during treatment. They are frustrated when they see others easily getting pregnant and having babies. Often, friends and relatives tell them what they “should” be doing to have children. Stressful situations seem to occur daily. In her book, Carol shares numerous personal stories from her infertility clients; these accounts will be most helpful to readers. Knowing they aren’t alone, and hearing how other individuals handled problems similar to their own, will be comforting and useful.

Carol has worked in private practice in Atlanta, Georgia since 1981 and infertility counseling has been her special focus since 1992 when she began working as a consultant to the largest reproductive medicine clinics in Atlanta. Since that time, she has counseled hundreds of individuals, couples and groups as they made decisions and explored the many challenges associated with building a family, including pregnancy loss and parenting after infertility. She consults with individuals and couples who are using assisted reproductive technologies and alternative family building options such as egg, sperm or embryo donation and gestational surrogacy. In addition, she does psychological evaluations of donors and surrogates for clinics and agencies throughout the country. Carol has studied and taught yoga in the holistic tradition of Sri T Krishnamacharya since 1983 and often teaches breathing techniques, yoga postures, and meditation to her clients.

Carol has presented more than 50 speaking engagements to medical and patient audiences, both locally and nationally, has written newspaper and journal articles, and has been interviewed on an internet radio show and on television.

After graduating from the University of Georgia in 1975, she earned her Masters degree in Counseling from George Washington University. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a licensed Professional Counselor. Her professional organization memberships include the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and their Mental Health Professional Group, and the Society for Sex Therapy and Research.

For ten years, she was on the National Board of Directors of RESOLVE, The National Infertility Association. She was Board Chair for two years and remains an active RESOLVE professional member.

Carol has two sons as a result of eight years of medical treatment for her own infertility. She shows sensitivity and compassionate understanding of the many challenges during infertility.

Carol is comfortable talking about the following topics:

  • · Balancing Life, Marriage and Infertility
  • · Sex and Intimacy during Infertility
  • · Meditation, Yoga and Focusing the Mind
  • · Psychological and emotional issues for couples using an Egg, Sperm, or Embryo Donor or Surrogate
  • · Nurturing your Relationships during infertility
  • · Healing through Music and Imagery
  • · Enhancing fertility: Inner Wisdom and Resources
  • · Infertility counseling: Therapeutic Wisdom, Skills and successful techniques
  • · Understanding and supporting the emotions of the fertility patient