Anne Holmes is delighted that her most current title is “Boomer in Chief” for the National Association of Baby Boomer Women. She sees this as proof that she is using her communications talents to the best of her ability – and loves that the work not only combines all the skills and talents she has acquired over a lifetime of working, but it also brings her back to her roots. Here’s why:

As a student in the 70s, Anne took several courses in gerontology while pursuing a graduate degree in communication. She became interested in aging, and decided to do her thesis on how the media could best reach and market to “plus-50” women.

At the time, Anne’s interest in “seniors” was a bit radical, since most marketers only concerned themselves with promoting to those under 50. The 18-49 demographic – which then included Boomers — was the most highly courted.

These days things have changed, and business owners and marketers now realize that plus-50 women – especially Baby Boomer women — control the nation’s purse-strings.

In fact, women as a whole control almost 60% of the nation’s wealth and make most of the consumer purchasing decisions these days, including:

  • 91% of homes
  • 60% of automobiles
  • 51% of consumer electronics

Not to mention that today women control will likely inherit and manage even more wealth in the future, given that women outlive men by an average of 5 years.

Most of this purchasing control is in the hands of Boomer women. So it is a good thing that we are the healthiest, wealthiest and best educated generation to come down the pike.

Anne sees a bit of humor in this:

While her collegiate interest in communicating with 50-plus women makes her something of a communications pioneer, the 100 women she interviewed were not Boomers, but members of The Greatest Generation… And she confesses that she privately viewed her thesis survey candidates as “little old ladies.”  Retired women, who might not even stay up long enough to watch the “Tonight” show!

Given the Karmic concept “that what goes around comes around,” logic would say that Anne, now clearly plus 50, ought to similarly consider herself a “little old lady.”

Of course, she does not, and likely never will.

And why would she? No self-respecting boomer woman sees herself as old. Seasoned, maybe, experienced, absolutely. Knowledgeable and capable, of course. But never old! After all, a large percentage of today’s Boomer women don’t ever expect to retire…

Earlier this year, Anne was thrilled to take over the NABBW reins from founder Dotsie Bregel, and she says her primary goal for the first twelve months is to grow the membership in the association by offering more and better services. She says, “I believe that this will help take the NABBW to its next level. With so many Baby Boomer Women to serve, I recognize this as a serious challenge, and one I am totally prepared to embrace.

“My husband Steve and I have long has a strong interest in helping our fellow Baby Boomers live as long as possible, while enjoying the best life has to offer. No doubt that’s why we recently renamed our company “BoomerCo Inc.,” in recognition of the fact that we’re dedicated to providing “Publishing Solutions for Boomers, Bloggers & Business.”

24/7 Togetherness:

Anne and Steve have been married for 22 years and have actually worked together for the last 15 years. They like to have a bit of fun while working, which is why he calls himself the “High Wizard of WordPress,” though technically his title is “President.” Meanwhile, Anne’s BoomerCo titles are “Founder,” and “Boomer Maven.”

Asked how they manage to work and live together 24/7, Anne says: “We divide the responsibilities: he’s the tech guy, while I’m the writer. He looks out for male Boomer interests, while I focus on things female… It works out very well.”

Our Websites:

Over the years, Anne and Steve have built several websites for Baby Boomers and/ or communities. Among them:

  • – a blog dedicated to the Boomer lifestyle
  • – a website that offers coaching designed to help Boomers learn to start their own businesses
  • – a WordPress blog site dedicated to showcasing publishing solutions and the tools we’ve developed to help our fellow Baby Boomers create better blogs
  • – a site listing some of the other domain names we own and hope to develop
  • They also own , which is a WordPress-based site that markets a community. It has advertising, sponsorships and #1 ranking in all three search engines for at least 150 keywords related to the community.
  • Clearly adding and – which they see as community sites focused on baby boomer women — was a natural decision

Use the following information to contact Anne Holmes or National Association of Baby Boomer Women

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9672 US Route 20 West, Galena, IL  61036-9175
(p) 563-823-8429 or 877-BOOMERZ — (f) 888-HOLMES-8
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